Shadows of a Black Sun

Aggressive Research

After a hasty and violent escape from the Black Sun facility, the stolen data safely in hand, you managed to hide at Choppers Chopper Chop Shop, supposedly the best place to buy a tuned-up Swoop Bike in the entire city sector – and also the perfect place to hide a lot of heavy equipment between broken speeder parts, buckets of paint and boxes of tools.

After a rather unsuccessful attempt at negotiating a better price, the Pyke Syndicate offered you 1000 credits each, for bringing in a bounty hunter by the name of Caato Leacchos, a man apparently not shy about betraying anything and everything for personal gain.

A bout of rather direct and aggressive research at the Umbra club, a local establishment in the red light district of the lower city levels, left you with just a few more scraps of information – but a rather large revelation about one of your companions.

Apparently, an imperial bounty hunter by the name of Novus Thrascc is looking for your friend, and the people he employs are not exactly the quiet, discrete sort.

Now you are hunter and the hunted both, and it might become a race against time to find your quarry, bring him in and reap the rewards, before Thrascc catches onto your friend and, possibly, his new “associates” in order to get his own generous payday.



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