Shadows of a Black Sun

End of the Hunt

After a long, eventful day, you finally managed to find, and ultimately defeat, Caato at his lair. Wounded, exhausted and not in a particularly good mood, you even returned the shipment of spice, or what was left of it, to your employers.

Lom Pyke, styling himself as a generous crime lord in the old style, paid you a measly 1000 credits each. However, during your hunt, you also came across an encrypted data file, containing apparently sensitive information about Black Sun operations concern the smuggling of drugs.

The encryption being very good, and Pyke unwilling to risk destruction of the data, decided to hire you once more, this time to deliver the data to his Head of Intelligence at Pantolomin, a lush jungle world far away from Coruscant and, more importantly, not very prominent in the eyes of the Empire.

Unfortunately, it seems Black Sun has somehow taken notice of you, and is beginning to move to prevent your journey from ever beginning….



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